About our 2017 production: ANNIE

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AUDITIONS: June 12th and 13th, 3 - 5pm at Saint John's Episcopal Church (172 Main St, Hingham, MA 02043)

CALLBACKS: June 17th, 9am - 2pm, 31 Franklin Rodgers Road (in Hingham)

SHOW NIGHTS: July 27th, 28th, and 19th (Doors open at 6:30pm and show begins at 7pm)


ANNIE* - Olivia Barbuto

SANDY - Alec Whitmore

MOLLY* - Maya Walsmith

TESSIE* - Cici Monarch

DUFFY* - Kelly Burke

PEPPER* - Morgan Benard

JULY* - Evelyn Steiner

KATE* - Ava Thomas



GRACE FARRELL* - Olivia Monarch

ROOSTER* - Nathan Lavoie

LILY* - Olivia Valianti

BUNDLES* - Liam Carey


DOG CATCHERS- Jeremy Lavoie, Will Winthrop, Tommy Hartnett

WARD - Cam Lumbard


  • Callie Cease
  • Ellie Clark
  1. Hadley Duncan
  2. Meghan McDonald
  3. Maeve Murphy
  4. Grace Jeffries Ranger
  5. Mary Claire Walsh
  6. Nora Wendell



SOPHIE- Caroline Turnak

WOMAN 1 - Hope Thompson

WOMAN 2 - Colleen Keohane

WOMAN 3- Ruthie Kerber

WOMAN 4 - Willa Davis

WOMAN 5 - Maeve Brienzi

WOMAN 6 - Maddie Clark

WOMAN 7 - Elizabeth Bearden

WOMAN 8 - Maria Blake

WOMAN 9 - Niamh Hogan

EDDIE (EDEN) -  Kate Beaulieu

WOMAN W PAPERS - Ava Hutchinson

ANNOUNCER - Liam Carey



DRAKE*- Charlie Rogan

GREER*- Ruthie Kerber

PUGH* - Molly Schwall

CECILLE* - Abby Meissner  

ANNETTE* - Sydney Driscoll

STAR TO BE - Kasey Daly

KID - James Hamilton

BERT HEALY* - Charlie Rogan

WACKY - Cooper Edgren



CONNIE - Sophia Arsenault

RONNIE - Kasey Daly

BONNIE - Ava Hutchinson



FDR* - Liam Carey

JOHNSON* - Sophia Rinaldi

KALTENBORN* - Bella Lavoie

ICKES* - Cam Lumbard

PERKINS* - Willa Davis

HULL* - Maddie Clark

MORGANTHAU* - Ruthie Kerber

HOWE* - Colleen Keohane



  • Mary Claire Walsh
  1. Sydney Driscoll
  2. Morgan Benard
  3. Ruthie Kerber
  4. Ava Thomas
  5. Kelly Burke
  6. Sophia Arsenault



  • Eliz Bearden
  1. Ava Hutchinson
  2. Sydney Driscoll
  3. Sophia Arsenault
  4. Kate Beaulieu
  5. Sophia Rinaldi
  6. Caroline Turnak
  7. Maddie Clark
  8. Maria Blake
  9. Niamh Hogan
  10. Bella Lavoie
  11. Mya Martin



  • Camryn Keary
  1. Elizabeth Thompson
  2. Sylvia Thompson
  3. Emma Buckley
  4. Megan Buckley
  5. Katie Sweeney
  6. Clara Rieve
  7. Riley Frame
  8. Marin Healy
  9. Reagan Waldner
  10. Lexi Garrity
  11. Eliza Faria
  12. Tommy Hartnett
  13. Alec Whitmore
  14. Abby Jeffries Ranger
  15. Liam O'brien
  16. Jeremy Lavoie
  17. James Hamilton
  18. Amelia Rea Creed
  19. Will Whitrap
  20. Annie Daly
  21. Cameron Daly


  • Mallory Harold
  1. Jane Melia
  2. June Rogan
  3. Izzy donnelly
  4. Madeline Accettella
  5. Mebane Pratt
  6. Izzy Mgarr
  7. Lauren Armstrong
  8. Catherine Murray
  9. Eliza Gutierrez
  10. Stella Gutierrez
  11. Elsie Harper
  12. Carinne Benard
  13. Rubey Waggener
  14. Olivia Paterni
  15. Ella Paterini
  16. Cooper Edgren
  17. Thea Migliaccio
  18. Cate Domiciliaro
  19. Hanna Givney
  20. Gwen Zola
  21. Grace O'brien
  22. Marlo Tanner
  23. Elizabeth Clow
  24. Reece Kenny
  25. Maggie Keliher
  26. Madison Greer
  27. Shane Greer
  28. Charlotte Sweeney
  29. Elizabeth Galvin
  30. Fiona Hogan

  • We would really appreciate it if every parent tries to help out with chaperoning at least one rehearsal if their schedules allow it, though of course it is not mandatory. Information on chaperoning can be found on our website (Link: Kids' Cabaret Chaperone Page).

  • A read through for leads will be on Monday the 19th from 6-9 PM (@ Saint John's Episcopal Church). If there is an (*) next to your role, then you are called to this rehearsal

  • The first Chorus rehearsal and a mandatory parent info meeting will be on Wednesday the 21st of June from 6-9 at St. John's in Hingham as well (Chorus rehearsal will be 6-8 PM and specific children/roles will be called to stay the additional hour until 9PM).

  • Rehearsals will be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, this year. Chorus rehearsals will take place every Wednesday night from 6-8 PM. Specific leads and/or ensembles will be called to the additional rehearsals and/or for additional time depending on what the directors have chosen to go over/ teach that week. A weekly email will be sent out on the weekend, before each week, with a detailed schedule of who is called when and what will be covered at rehearsal.

  • Our first week of rehearsals, the week of June 18th, will be held at Saint John's. Starting on the following Monday, June 26th, all rehearsals will be held at the Hingham High School Auditorium.